Publication: Book about critique and judgment of visual communication design
Title: Critique and Judgment of Visual Communication Design
Written & designed by Chan Ka Hing
Published in 2011 by KaHing Design & Visual Art Workshop


Hong Kong Design Critique
This is a local design critique blog created by Ka Hing and was launched in 2010 Dec. 
Project team: Chan Ka Hing, Angel Ho



8x365xn(yr.) poster
Poster design for the exhibition of "Not just Water" industrial water polluction in China seminar & graphic show
Design: Chan Ka Hing


Hong Kong Design Community VCD
Produced by Hong Kong Design Community 2004 
Project team: Chan Ka Hing, Ken, Paul Ng, John Wu, Ryan Mok, Sic Leung


Polygon info. Station
By collecting the information of visual art audiances, this project is mainly for visual art criticism and news delivery.
It contains a website and a series of printed promotional materials. This website is with news, chat room, photo album,
link and database function.
Before local free newsletter Artmap & Facebook, Polygon was ran for a short time in between 06 to 07,
and shut down because of lack of resource and public responses.
Project team: Chan Ka Hing, Thomas Lee
Design: Chan Ka Hing


Publication: Book about local graphic design industry
Title: Chopping Graphic Design
Written & designed by Chan Ka Hing
Published in 2001 by Step Forward Multimedia Company Limited



Designs You Don't Know What To Do With
Book Concept & Design Direction: Siu King Chung, Phoebe Wong
Designer: Chan Ka Hing, Kevin Tsang, Snowman Tsang, Clement Yick, Louis Chan, Irene Tsui, Esther Chung,
Wong Siu Ling, Cathey Lee, Bee Pang
Published in 2001 by MCCM Creation